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Lighting is an important part of bringing any room together or make a dramatic change.  Recessed lighting  both for LED and standard can change everything from color to brightness making your space really stand out.  Effortlessly create a perfect environment and control multiple rooms or the entire house.  By integrating it further into a universal smart home system with interactive smartphone app you can enhance comfort and convenience, reduce incidents of injury, energy costs,  better sleep, and by adding motion sensors increase security.

 Ambient Illumination Design

TR Audio Systems provides a wide array of selections

to choose from, designed to complement your needs

Whether you’re looking to light up an existing closet or you’re brainstorming ideas with your custom closet designer before it is  installed, you’ll definitely want to consider the different options currently available to you. Between modern lighting design, the wide variety of current bulb technologies, and the addition of smart-lighting elements, the possibilities are endless.


Interior and exterior lighting control will illuminate as you move from room to room, setting your preferred lighting conditions.

 Motion sensors automatically turn off lights when no one is in the room, hands-free. Create a perfect movie night as lights dim in sync with your TV and light back up on a snack refill pause.


TR Audio Systems is a licensed distributor of LUTRON components and is a customer favorite.

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