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For rooms with lots of sunlight and need of privacy, consider motorized shades and drapes.  Link with a smart home system and establish a comfortable and inviting home. Schedule ascend/descend every day at a particular time saving your precious artwork, rugs and furniture from sun damage. Operate your shades from the comfort of your bed or control all windows in unison via voice command.

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TR Audio Systems will help you decide on various stylish options and develop custom settings to your specifications. Our expert team will work closely with your interior designs to make sure our product fits your home. Whether it's a new development, a renovated apartment or loft, upgrading your home with smart technology is an amazing addition.

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With a reliable system and user-friendly interface enjoy your perfect environment. The thermostat will no longer be an issue with picky family members. The Lutron automation technology ensures comfortable climate, energy- efficient and cost effective management with your existing HVAC.

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